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newIn this international competition first prize for winner is 10,00,000 INR
strategySecond prize for runner is 5 lakhs
racingThird prize is 2.5 lakhs

E - Robot Sports

About E- Robot Sports


IT EYE BSUINESS SOLUTIONS, a digital transformation company working on the future robotic smart devices for industries, agriculture, education, etc., through Robotics AI, and Machine Learning. The Company promotes robotic and digital technology to the farmers, workers, villagers and students for their day to day activities.

IT EYE BSUINESS SOLUTIONS is the organisation to conduct E - Robot Sports World Championship in Robot Sports, Robot Racing/ Athletics, Robot Combat, Robot Expo, etc. in association with Technical Education, Sports, Youth Advancement Departments, and other allied Departments, that provides a platform for technical savvy engineers, students, researchers, etc to showcase their talents and motivate them to research in new technologies that expose them to get to best companies and to attract international players from the Robotic market to Telangana State.

DR, GEORGE ABRAHAM PRENIKUMAR is a Digital Transformation Innovation Evangelist and Al Scientist helping organizations in improving thier technology and culture and transform the old one to the latest or future one. It !nay be a technology or data or processing or organizational change and he also implementing his knowledge in fields of all domains in Robotics and in Agrobots. He likes to help the organization prepare for change in the business as well as with technology, lie can help to develop digital acumen around the organization. That can help business leaders both understand the transformative power of digital plus have the vision and ability to execute,

DR. GEORGE can make a successful digital transformation strategies like Vision, Customer understanding, Technology alignment, Metrics and measurement and Governance for the sucess of large corporates. Through NASA volunteering, he was selected for research and development team on NASA. Technology Transfer Pr ram and get trained by NASA Technology Transfer University T2U ) and helping team NASA In analysing the satellite data, NASA new tools and Softwares.

His passion is to mailing illiterate people to u technology to get more income and profit. example I Land Lords not cultivating crops due to lack of manpower and now a days driver less satellite tractors came that any one can control it from, anywhere like playing a game ), Robot can be a chef can prepare food as fast than a human but a chef need to train it for their preprograms ) from the small to extra-large technologies need to reach each and every one in this world, He planned to prepare a syllabus structure for the to make them understand the basics of it, soon some countries will approve it and can be implemented as free education through government organizations and NCO's,

His connections with international associations can make him a sucessful person in these mentioned technologies and his passion. The connections like NASA, International Federation of Robots, Robotic Industries Association, A1CRA, IC C, TI 5A, DSCI, 1CC. ESC India, etc.,

Committee Members

Dr George Abraham Premkumar,

President - erobotsports
Digital transformation innovation Evangelist

Rajarapu Pratap

Vice president - erobotsports Ex vice chairman minority commission

Chitirala Nageshwara Rao

Advisor - erobotsports
Invitee: NITI AAYOG (Ministry Division) Government of India.

Axel Angeli

Advisor - erobotsports
Ceo- logos world Germany

Rajarapu Prabhudev

M.Tech (VNR) (Telangana)

Gaddam Abhilash

M.Tech (De Montfort University)(United states)